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There are some basic ideas that can help you protect your family and home without using any technology. These are things that you can easily apply with your home and property.

  • Some small bushes with spike or more correctly called spines or thorns is perfectly good as a fence. In the traditional Thai family live in a single house in the field and in the past they are not build a wall like we do nowaday. They usually grow trees or small bushes with thorns. However, this idea still work in the modern house. Some beautiful rose with thorn still commonly grown in the backyards. This is not only help to protect from thieves but also snakes and rats as well. There are some other plant such as Bougainvillea, Siamese Randia. Nevertheless, this might be a good idea for a family with small children and pets.

  • The second advice is do not growth the big trees near the house. Some people might think the big tree give more shaddy and privacy, but this is easily for the thieves to climb in. Moreover, The big tree block your house from outsider also means, no one can help or see if what happen inside the house. Old people side with best security guards is your good neighbors.

  • Make sure you not keep any tools and home equipment in the cabin and garage close to your house without a key to lock. This is mean your give the key to the thieves.

  • Always make sure all the doors and windows are close and lock before you go out. And be aware every time when you arrived home. Be alert and notice in anything that different from when you leave in the early morning.

  • Not hind the spare key too close to the entrance door. Keep the spare key in the car better than under the door carpet and the fence or door lamp.

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