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Furniture Malls in Phuket

If you have a house, condo and any type of property in Phuket and wonder where are the best to buy all the furniture?
Looking for Furniture Malls in Phuket? Yes, you come to the right page!

Furniture Malls in Phuket

Furniture Malls in Phuket

Today, RE/MAX is giving you the best furniture malls in Phuket where you can find anything, you need for your lovely home.
A sofa, lamp, bath tub, bowl, kitchenware, slippers and home accessary are all in the lists.

5 top home furniture malls in Phuket town.

  1. Index Living Malls just located close to Siriroj International Hospital on by-pass road.
    The location is very easy to find and got everything from the big furniture to small accessary in different price of your choice.
    I consider this is the biggest furniture mall in Phuket.
  2. SB Living just located just a kilo away from Index Living malls which also located on by-pass roads.
    At SB Living mall, you will find high quality product with higher price. However, there only big furniture and not small home accessary.
  3. Home Work is just opposite Central Festival Phuket. If you are looking are some accessary bathroom, toilette and kitchenware.
    This is the recommend place you should come.
  4. Home Pro which is just located in Tesco Lotus Phuket town. If you are looking for some repair housing items. This is the place you are looking for.
  5. Ikea Phuket, this is just a small showroom and limited item. However, you still able to order those fantastic items at this showroom.
    There are also a pick up area where you order your furniture in advance and get the order here.

Please note that all the furniture malls and shop are located in the same area and very convenient for you to look around.

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