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Type of Housing - A Loft House, Remax Phuket, Phuket Property

Type of Housing – A Live Loft

A loft can be refer to an upper storey or attic in a building, under the rood. The space is for a storage under the roof and used to be access by a ladder. Nowadays, the space can be modify into a bed room, craft area and working area which depend on individual use.

In US usage a loft is an upper room or story in a building, mainly in a barn, under the roof either use for a storage or other private use.

There are Two kinds of lofts

  • A “Hard lofts” are former industrial buildings converted to residential or live/work use.
  • “Soft lofts” are loft-style residential buildings built entirely anew. They are open-concept spaces with high ceilings, large windows, brickwork and cement ceilings. Soft lofts can be warmer and have modern finishes but lack the history of hard lofts.

People who are looking for a modern yet cozy type of house, Loft style could be a good choice for a modern family.
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Good information from wikipedia –> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loft

Japanese Style - A Loft House, Remax Phuket, Phuket Property Ladder in the under roof room Japanese Style - A Loft House, Remax Phuket, Phuket Property

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