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Villa for sale in Phuket, Thailand

Villas in Phuket are luxurious spacious and large homes with their own gardens, private pools, and hotel-like services properties. Some villas cater to families of all ages and usually include community amenities such as a clubhouse, pool and tennis courts.

Villas are typically larger than single family homes. They can have as many as 20 bedrooms and typically have a more luxurious feel to them. Villas in Phuket are typically surrounded by private gardens, large swimming pools with picturesque mountain and ocean views. This gives guests a feeling of intimacy and seclusion while at the same time many villas still offer services found in regular hotels, like concierge, meal services and maids.  Villas in Phuket are very popular alternatives for people going on vacation that want to relax in a more private, intimate setting.

Phuket has been quietly developing over the last twenty years into a world-class resort destination. The roads are well maintained and fast flowing, there are several international schools, several big golf courses, yacht marinas, trendy beach clubs, and giant shopping malls. On the other side Phuket still has the charm of a developing country with culture, food delicacy and charm of the locals. This makes Phuket as one of the best destinations for holiday with over 9 million International Visitors in 2018. Phuket is truly the melting pot of nationalities from around the world.

It is no wonder that so many people have decided to make Phuket their holiday or retirement home. Villas in Phuket is one of the best choices for purchase, known as more private, elegant destinations for people who want to go on vacation, but prefer to not stay in a hotel, where the atmosphere can be impersonal.

Stay in your Villa in Phuket during your holiday and renting out your property with the villa management makes for a great investment. This makes Villas in Phuket one of the most sought after property type with benefits as a holiday home and investment property.

Experience the advantage of living a life that will make you feel at home.

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